CHASING THE THUNDER – RiVo Umwelt TUM meets DOK.fest München DOK.aroundtheclock

When: 25.01.2022, Beginning 18:30 Uhr
Where: online, join here (Password: Nature)

We proudly announce this semester’s movie screening on Tue, 25.01.22 at 18:30 in cooperation with DOK.aroundtheclock of DOK.fest Munich:

“It’s hard to think of a more dramatic plot: A 110 day chase, a 10,000-mile pursuit across three oceans. A poaching ‘kingpin’ who dredges the ocean for tons of sealife. A heroic crew of marine activists that brings this super-villain to justice.”
“Many environmental documentaries tend to be cerebral, fact-crammed chronicles, but co-directors’ Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin’s 96-minute Chasing the Thunder has as much in common with a Hitchcock thriller or action hero blockbuster as it does with, say, the climate documentary An Inconvenient Truth.”
– Ed Rampell, Earth Island Journal

USA 2018 – Director: Mark Benjamin, Marc Levin
Production: Brick City TV, Vulcan. Producer: Katie Carpenter, Adam Schleifer, Sam Sielen u.a..
Länge: 96 min.