Environmental Lecture Series – Main Campus

History of the Environment Inner City lecture series


The Ringvorlesung Umwelt is an interdisciplinary, public lecture series organized by the Environmental Department of the Student Union of the TU Munich. It is organized by TU Munich students on a voluntary basis.

Since 1985, speakers have been giving lectures on the topic of sustainability. This includes, for example, technical environmental protection, health, consumer and climate protection. Thus, it offers both students and teachers of the TU Munich, as well as the non-university public, the opportunity to learn about and discuss these topics and research results at a scientific level.

The speakers from research, associations, authorities and companies will be happy to answer questions from the audience after the lecture; the slides of the lectures, as well as in some cases the video recordings themselves, will be made available on our website – if available. In the now 30 years of its existence, over 480 lectures have been organized so far.


In the meantime, the lecture series on the environment has become part of the TU’s regular lecture program and is organized by, among others, the management of the TU Munich, the Munich Center for Technology in Society  and the KHG der TU München. The Ringvorlesung Umwelt is a partner in BNB, the “Bündnis Nachhaltigkeit Bayern”. In addition, some lectures are held in cooperation with the Umwelt-Akademie and the Münchner Forum Nachhaltigkeit .

We would also like to thank our regular media partners, the Münchner Klimaherbst as well as Jahnsmedia. 

Module description lecture series environment inner city (1 ECTS)

Since the summer semester 2015, the lecture series Environment has been offered as a one-credit module in cooperation with the Munich Center for Technology in Society. This can be taken and recognized on various degree programs at the TU Munich as part of a free subject/extracurricular. If you do not know whether you can have the event recognized, simply contact your program coordinator. You can find the course on TUMOnline at here (CVL0001001). Please take notes during the presentation, as we have no control over the quality of the slides of the various speakers