Climate Survey

In August 2019, we conducted a survey among students from all faculties at TUM to find out what students expect from their university in terms of environmental awareness. The feedback was very high. 18.6% of all TUM students participated in our survey. By comparison, the university elections in the same year had a participation rate of only 11.7%. So this topic seems to be very important and a major concern for the students.

The results were extremely positive and many wishes and demands from a wide range of areas became clear. 92% of the students consider TUM’s commitment important or very important, so there is definitely a need for action here.

Since many have requested that we publish the results of the survey, here is a little insight into our evaluation.

A detailed presentation with correlations of the results can be downloaded here as a PDF file:

Those who would like to have more precise figures on the individual questions can download the PDF file listed below.

Thank you for your participation!
The Environmental Department of the Student Representation