Clothes Swap Party

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Our next clothing swap party is coming up!
It will take place on Thursday, 08.12.2022 from 5 – 7 pm. in the Immatrikulationshalle of the TUM (Arcisstraße 21, 80333 Munich).

How To Clothing Swap Party

What to bring

  • NOGOs damaged, dirty and worn-out clothes, underwear, jewellery, decorations and accessories
  • GOs clean and intact clothes & shoes, bras, functional clothes (swimming and other sports), books, plants – for men, women, divers and children!!!
  • Tip: Bring additional bags to carry all your newly found items.
  • Important: You don’t have to bring clothes, books or plants to participate!

Step by step – guide

  1. Check-In: Arrange your clothes ect. at the tables and hatstands intended (please notice the signs)
  2. Swapping: Look around for new items brought by other guests. There will be changing cubicles for try-on if necessary
  3. Check-Out: Take your new items home. Clothes and books that are left will be given to charity or can be taken home by the original owner.

Hardworking food savers have saved food for you to bring to the party. We have also posted some information and facts about the textile industry as well as sustainable alternatives on site. There will be music of course!😍🎵

You can get an insight into the past parties here further down on our website.😊

So come by, bring a breath of fresh air into your closet and do something good for the environment at the same time.
We look forward to seeing you!😊

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