Green Mensa

Our work

The Green Cafeteria project aims to make the food and infrastructure of the cafeterias more sustainable. For this purpose, we are in direct exchange with the Studentenwerk. After the Mensaumfrage 2020, among other things, this resulted in a larger vegetarian/vegan offer and the StuBowls. This semester we want to achieve a more diverse vegan offer in the Stucafés. Have ideas about what you’d like to change about the dining hall? Feel free to write us an email to!

Green Mensa 2020 Survey – Results

We are pleased to present the results of our survey. In total, nearly 10,000 people participated, for which we sincerely thank everyone!

What’s next?

We will discuss the results together with the Munich Student Union to look for ways to make the offer even more sustainable in the future. A major task will be to secure funding for such an offer and to be able to carry out large
tenders on a regionally limited basis as well.

We would also like to take this opportunity to already thank the Student Union for so far very good

In the near future, this overview will be supplemented with the evaluation of the free-text answers.

Note: the survey for the College of Music & Theatre took place separately and in parallel. The results are similar to those of the main survey. Both evaluations can be found here for download (PDF)


The refectory and the dishes it offers should gradually become more environmentally friendly. To this end, together with the environmental department of the LMU, we are in discussion with the Munich Student Union and, among other things, regularly organize action weeks, such as the most recent Organic Action Week in June 2019.

Our goals:

  • More organic food
  • Less plastic packaging in StuCafes and dining halls
  • More vegetarian and vegan dishes
  • Regional and seasonal food
  • Refill cup system for to- go coffee
  • Sale of leftover food after serving times
  • Waste prevention and separation
  • Use of the dining hall as a learning space after meal times

Since there are no events this semester and we had to cancel our planned week of action in May, we will be sharing vegan recipes and sustainable kitchen tips and tricks with you on our social media channels Instagram and Facebook every Tuesday. Be sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook for more!

Our Green Mensa Team: Lukas, Lici, Julia, Lisa and Johann