Plant A Seed

The project “Plant a seed” consists of an integrated urban gardening concept to be installed at the main campus of TUM, with the aim to advance in the solutions for a more sustainable and efficient future, tackling the UN Sustainability Goals 2, 6, 11, 12, 13.

By establishing raised beds using the principles of permaculture, we want to give TUM students the opportunity to experience sustainability on site and raise awareness for the interconnectedness of people, earth resources and climate. Furthermore, we aim to develop sustainable irrigation strategies, supply the vegetable demand of TUM students with organically grown food and, moreover, train the TUM community on urban gardening.

Vision of the TUM Campus giving an idea how the city campus could look like. (Foto: Veronica Becker / Bearb.:)

The project, managed by students and volunteers, will be divided into stages, which include vegetable growing in raised beds that would later evolve to the development of concepts for other TUM locations, universities and schools.

To backup this project with an educational and interdisciplinary research approach, we base on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus framework in order to unite the expertise and human resources of TUM’s different departments. This way, the joint scientific efforts will examine the effects on climate, healthy nutrition and social commitment. The pilot project intends to establish a step-by-step guideline for others to implement.