Responsibility in Times of (Climate) Change

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Summer semester 2022:
Responsibility in Times of (Climate) Change

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With great power comes great responsibility. Responsibility to care. Responsibility to provide. Responsibility to change. The importance of responsibility is even more evident in times of global change, as it has long crossed the threshold of affecting masses of people globally. Many innovative ideas exist to tackle the climate crisis: divestment, carbon certificate trading, sufficiency, circular and welfare economics. But who has the power – and the responsibility – to make these ideas come true? Should it be the ones who have the money to do so? The ones who first caused the problems? The ones who are aggravating it today?  The answer to the question: “Who should take responsibility?” is more intricate than it may seem at first. Especially given that humanity is faced with highly complex issues in the face of global warming in an interconnected world. 

The lecture series aims to dive into each party’s role, ranging all the way from the United Nations and the EU down to individuals and their contributions towards meaningful climate action. We will bring together international speakers from different disciplines to obtain a holistic perspective on societies, particularly their political and economic systems.

This also implies taking a look at sometimes neglected but highly important topics such as climate justice, neocolonialism, and agricultural transformation.

Are you eager to expand your horizon on climate topics and discuss them with lecturers and fellow students? Then we invite you to join the discussion with experienced professionals at the Environmental Lecture Series, organized by the Environmental Department of the Student Representation – informative, critical, and interdisciplinary.

 26.04.22Film screening & discussion of “Oro Blanco” and “El Peso del Oro”Zoom, 2750 (0507.03.750), Karl-Max von Bauernfeind Hörsaal Gisela Carbajal Rodríguez &
Yves Itzek
 03.05.22IntroductionOnline in Moodleinternal
10.05.22Insights into the machinery room of the energy transition – science at the interface between politics and businessZoom, 2750 (0507.03.750), Karl-Max von Bauernfeind Hörsaal and MW 1801, Ernst-Schmidt-Hörsaal (5508.02.801) Dr. Christoph Pellinger &
Dr. Anika Neitz-Regett
17.05.22Key players and the role of other actors and stakeholders in global climate governance: Who will save the earth?Zoom, 2750 (0507.03.750), Karl-Max von Bauernfeind Hörsaal and MW 1801, Ernst-Schmidt-Hörsaal (5508.02.801)Hanna Wang-Helmreich
24.05.22Protecting climate refugees. High time for a human-rights-based regimeZoom, 2750 (0507.03.750), Karl-Max von Bauernfeind Hörsaal and MW 1801, Ernst-Schmidt-Hörsaal (5508.02.801)Prof. Susanne Nothhafft
31.05.22Understanding and Navigating Climate Injustices in Small Island Developing States: The case of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG)Zoom, 2750 (0507.03.750), Karl-Max von Bauernfeind Hörsaal and MW 1801, Ernst-Schmidt-Hörsaal (5508.02.801)Dr. Rose-Ann Smith
14.06.22Carbon Pricing and Climate Finance in a Net Zero WorldZoom, 2750 (0507.03.750), Karl-Max von Bauernfeind Hörsaal and MW 1801, Ernst-Schmidt-Hörsaal (5508.02.801)Marissa Santikarn & Rachel Mok
21.06.22Energiewende – Was bedeutet das alles für uns?Zoom, 0980 (AUDIMAX, Siemens-Hörsaal, Auditorium Maximum)Prof. Harald Lesch & Dr. Christoph Pellinger
28.06.22A Realistic Transition Environmental SustainabilityZoom, 2750 (0507.03.750), Karl-Max von Bauernfeind Hörsaal and MW 1801, Ernst-Schmidt-Hörsaal (5508.02.801)Prof. Steve Cohen
05.07.22Metals for a Green and Digital EuropeZoom, 2750 (0507.03.750), Karl-Max von Bauernfeind Hörsaal and MW 1801, Ernst-Schmidt-Hörsaal (5508.02.801)Richard Wouters
12.07.22Preparing for climate change: The role of psychologyZoom, 2750 (0507.03.750)Prof. Susan Clayton
19.07.22Climate change, sinking cities, and areas of risk: The implications of Indonesia’s capital transition. Zoom, 2750 (0507.03.750)Paige Van de Luurst