We provide the frame – You provide the project!

Each semester, we offer a course in collaboration with the MCTS.

This includes two workshops with experienced trainers on the topics of project management and team communication in practice – How do I get a project off the ground? How do I motivate my team members? What role do communication and leadership play in the team?

We offer students with a project idea to support them with our expertise and also financially (within bounds). For this, the student does not have to be a member of a student council or a department!

And for this you also get 3 ECTS! At the end of the project, a report is handed in and graded.

You can register directly at TUMonline and further info can be found here:

And here is an experience report:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or send an email to Umwelt@fs.tum.de 🙂