Will technology save us all? A glimpse into a sustainable future

Winter semester 2021/22:
Will technology save us all? A glimpse into a sustainable future

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Biotechnology, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, blockchain, nuclear fusion, supersonic aircraft, autonomous electric driving: Big things seem to be in front of us, just waiting to revolutionize our daily lives. Today, we can already get a glimpse of what it’s like to live in this science fiction reality with unprecedented comfort: Electric cars will reduce our emissions, carbon capture and utilization will convert our CO2 into new products, nuclear fusion will help us meet our energy needs, and biotechnology will provide us with an abundance of food while protecting our health from dangerous diseases. But will these innovative technologies be able to save us from the many crises of our own making, such as biodiversity loss, increasing resource scarcity, and the already emerging effects of climate change as a whole? Or will they bring new problems and ultimately just shift them to other areas?

Do you want to learn more about the pros and cons of modern innovations and their global interactions? Then we invite you to discuss with experienced experts at the Environmental Lecture Series organized by the Environmental Department of the Student Council – informative, critical and interdisciplinary.

We invite you to learn from and discuss with experts from around the world creative strategies for dealing with the environmental and climate crisis – informative, critical and interdisciplinary. For this purpose, the Department for the Environment of the TUM Student Council organizes the public lecture series Environment – this semester again completely online.

 02.11.21Grid Operation – The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the transformation of the energy systemWilhelm Cramer, Antonia Heinemann, Frederik Scholing
 09.11.21Limits of human ignoranceDr. Jim-Felix Lobsien
16.11.21 Chasing Fool’s Gold? A misplaced faith in energy efficiency to decouple energy use from GDP – recent evidence and implications for 1.5⁰C Paris target Dr. Paul Brockway
23.11.21 Responsible Cobalt Sourcing and Artisanal Mining – Challenge or Opportunity?Dr. Philip Schütte
 30.11.21Energy (final title to be announced)Dr. Moritz Kühnel
 07.12.21Automation and Robotics for Refurbishing Existing Building Stock and Reaching Zero Energy Consumption in BuildingsDr. Kepa Iturralde
14.12.21 Climate Geoengineering: Past, Present, and Future?Dr. Stefan Schäfer
 11.01.22No savior in sight? Acceptance for changing socio-technical systemsDr. Elisabeth Dütschke
18.01.22 Can gene editing in agriculture change the climate for good?Modesta Nnedinso Abugu
25.01.22 CHASING THE THUNDER – Movie Screening – online