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Environmental Student Representation

We are the Department for Environment of the Student Council of the TU Munich (Umwelt Referat, or ‘Uref’ for short). We address sustainability issues at the university in a variety of ways and organize sustainable events and projects of all kinds.

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We’re always hosting events from clothes-swapping parties and kick-off events with delicious vegan food, to walking tours around Munich showing you how to live more sustainably, and much more!

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Clothes swap party

Wo:TUM main campus

Clean out the closet! Bring unused clothes and place them on the tables there. Trade in for new finds at your convenience!


Sustainable Walking Tour


Join us on the 7th of July and learn how to separate your garbage, where to rent a bike, where to buy second-hand items, and much more!

Our Projects

And more!

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Passionate about sustainability?

Anyone can join the Uref! Whether you want to help out with a project, get involved with marketing, organizing events or IT, or want to start your own project, there’s always something to do for everyone.

Interested? Fill out our short contact form and we’ll be happy to welcome you to our team.