The Concept


The bicycle self-help workshop of the TU Munich. A project of the Environmental Department of the Student Representation and sponsored by Verkehrsclub Deutschland e.V.

Around half of all respondents reach the Garching campus of the TU Munich by bicycle, according to a survey done within the university in the middle of 2022. In the event of a breakdown, many lack the know-how and tools to repair the bike themselves or the money to take it to a workshop. Here we would like to create a solution with ReparadTUM: a fixed and comfortable place where tools for self-repair are available and volunteers support the visitors repairing their bike. The need for this is there: The survey within the university has shown that more than 80% of the respondents have already needed help repairing their bike.


We have already reached our first milestone: In October and November 2022, we held one-day pop-up workshops on the Garching campus. Here, everyone could come by with their own bike, repair it with the tools provided, and learn about ReparadTUM.

Our goal is to establish ReparadTUM at a permanent location on campus. During open hours, volunteers will be on site to provide assistance with repairs. In addition, bicycle-specific tools will be provided, making larger repairs possible. The purchase of expensive special tools is especially a big hurdle for students. Through the bicycle self-help workshop, a cost-optimized tool sharing will be implemented and an inexpensive purchase of spare parts will be made possible. Spare parts are to be available and, among other things, obtained from bikes that are no longer roadworthy.

For students with little money, bicycle repairs are a high investment. A bicycle self-help workshop can relieve students financially and ensure that they are on safe bicycles. In addition, old bikes that have been made roadworthy can be made available to students, making them mobile and independent without having to spend a lot of money on a new bike.

Through ReparadTUM, we want to bring cycling into the awareness of students and employees and create an incentive to use bicycles in everyday life. In addition, roadworthy and functional bicycles contribute to safe road traffic. With our project, we want to be an inspiration for green mobility and shape the Garching campus with a sustainable project.

Beyond ordinary repairs and wrenching projects, the workshop will provide space for social activities. Workshops will teach participants repair skills and at the same time promote the exchange of different disciplines. We want to create a discrimination-free space where everyone feels welcome.

After a successful implementation on the Garching campus, we can imagine an expansion to other campus locations.

Funding by the VCD: