Environmental department

We are the Environmental Department of the Student Representation of the TU Munich (‘URef’ for short). We deal with sustainability issues at the university in a variety of ways and organise sustainable events and projects of all kinds.


As student representatives for the environment at TUM, we are involved in various projects.

Do you have a good idea how we can make the university more sustainable together? Join us!


In 1985, we launched the public, interdisciplinary Environmental Lecture Series.

Today, we organise numerous events around sustainability at the university, such as: the clothing swap party, Parking Day, the Sustainable Walking Tour, and our vegan food stand at the GARNIX Open Air.


As part of the Student Representation of the TUM, we advocate for the interests of all students in the area of sustainability.

In university policy committees, we advocate for sustainability aspects to be taken into account in as many important decisions as possible.

Join us at one of our next events!

We’re always hosting events, from clothes swap parties to kick-off events with delicious vegan food, to walks through Munich showing how to live more sustainably, and much more!

Swap party

Tuesday 11.06.2024

Swap Clothes, plants, and books!

Nachhoelzer Cafe, Main campus

A preview of our work

What we do

Here you can find an overview of some of our projects and events

Clothes Swap Party

Every semester we host a free clothes (and sometimes books & plants!) swap event at our university.

Grüne Mensa

The Green Mensa project group aims to make university catering more sustainable, and is in direct contact with the Munich Student Union to this end.


In our departments, we dedicate ourselves to specific tasks across projects, e.g. in the area of networking or PR.

Teambuilding Events

Our HR team department regularly organises various team events, such as sports activities or game evenings.

Vegan food stand at garnix

We organise and supervise a vegan food stand at the TUM's annual GARNIX Open-air event at Garching

Our departments

Passionate about sustainability?

Are you interested in sustainability and ecological issues and would like to work in a motivated team? Fill out our short contact form and we look forward to welcoming you to our team.