Sustainability Student Intitiatives Forum

The Sustainability Student Initiatives Forum connects and enables the sharing of knowledge and experiences of student initiatives that focus on sustainability.

What does the SSIF do?

The SSIF provides a network for students and student initiatives concerned with sustainability topics. Through regular events and a common chat room – thoughts, ideas and challenges are exchanged, discussed and developed.

  • Connect initiatives with each other & with interested students 
  • Organize workshops on topics relevant for student initiatives (communication, visibility, funding) 
  • Facilitate co-learning through knowledge exchange on common challenges 
  • Enable participation in student club fairs and participation in sustainability events for visibility and networking with the TUM community

The SSIF is a joint project of the TUM Sustainability Office and the Environmental Department of the Student Representation (Referat für Umwelt)

We provide the space and platform – the content is co-created with and for the initiatives!

Everyone at TUM – especially those people that answer YES to one or both of the following questions: 

  • You want to get engaged with a student initiative, but don’t know which one suits you best? 
  • You are already an initiative at TUM and are looking for a way to network with other initiatives and present your work to students?

You want to join and network with other initiatives?

Send us an email to for more information. 

You want to join? Send us a message and we will add you to our Telegram group!

Or visit our websites for more information: 

TUM Sustainability Office 

Referat für Umwelt 

Rocket Chat Channel 

What has been done so far? – our past events

In the sixth SSIF session the central activity was a discussion on potential future formats and activities of the SSIF. The needs and wants of the initiatives were discussed and ideas on how to support the initiatives were shared. Additionaly, each initiative provided a short description of their initiative – which will be published on the Website of the Referat für Umwelt.

At the first TUM Sustainability Day on the 27. Oktober 2022, the TUM presented its Sustainable Futures Strategy and across all TUM campuses events on the topic of sustainability took place. The SSIF organized a fair where 16 initiatives presented themselves in interactive booths. This allowed the initiatives to present their work, answer questions and engage with interested students that visited the fair.

In the fourth SSIF Session the involvement of the initiatives in the TUM Sustainability Day was planned. Events and participation in for the day were discussed and initiatives were informed about general organization and to-dos.

In the third SSIF session – all focus was on how the topic of communication. In an interactive discussion best practice on internal and external communication were shared. Participants connected and exchanged past experiences on good and bad communication and discussed how to improve communication personally and within their initiative.

In the second SSIF session initiatives exchanged their experiences and thoughts, and shared best practices and ideas on three topics:  

  • How do you have good meetings online?  
  • How do you attract new members in times of Corona?  
  • Lets talk about funding – what do we need and how do we get it?

In the first SSIF session we focused on getting to know each other! First the purpose of the SSIF was shared, then different initiatives gave short pitches on their own work and purpose. We finished off the session with “speed dating” – initiatives had the opportunity to network with each other through being randomly assigned into little groups to exchange thoughts and ideas.