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Current projects

Our current projects are listed and described here. However, we are not short of ideas, so if you would like to implement a project together with us, please get in touch! We are happy to help!

Lecture Series

You want to broaden your horizons on climate topics and discuss them with lecturers and fellow students? Then we invite you to discuss with experienced experts at the lecture series we organise - informative, critical and interdisciplinary.

Walking Tour

With the Sustainable Walking Tour, we offer exchange students in particular (but anyone is free to join) the opportunity to learn more about sustainability in Munich on a walk through Maxvorstadt.

Green Mensa

The Green Mensa project group aims to make university catering more sustainable and is in direct contact with the Munich Student Union to this end.

Sustainble Living

Learn how to easily repair your clothes or make eco-friendly decorations and gifts for the holidays. We're here to help you get rid of disposable items and give the planet (and your wallet!) a much-needed break.

Clothes Swap

Clean out your closet, bring unused clothes to the party and place them on the tables there. Only clean clothes in good condition will be accepted. Swap for new finds as you wish! Clothes not exchanged will be donated to charity or can be taken home again!


Have you ever been to a bicycle self-help workshop at a university? Here, students and staff of the respective university receive support in repairing their bike and, if necessary, also spare parts.

Our previous projects

TUM on

Ecosia on Campus is a global movement of students working to make Ecosia the default search engine at their university. More than 175,000 trees have already been funded by students at universities worldwide

Environmental Lifeguide

Together with the environmental department of the LMU, we have created an environmental lifeguide for Munich. With this guide, we want to give students in particular - but of course everyone else - in Munich a helping hand to make their lives more sustainable!


As the current generation of students at the Technical University of Munich, we would like to make our contribution and work together with all other status groups towards the goal of a sustainable university.

Tree Planting

We want to reforest a piece of forest in autumn, supported by TreePlantingProjects. We are currently looking for suitable plots of land - so if you are a forest owner and find the project interesting, get in touch!

Partner projects

Plant a

TUM urban gardening project that aims to realize the potential of sustainability concepts


Sustainability Student Initiatives Forum

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