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Who we are

We are the Environmental Department of the Student Representation of the TU Munich. The focus of our work is the Environmental Lecture Series in the city centre and in Garching, which already have a long tradition at the TU Munich. In addition, we deal with sustainability issues at the university in a wide variety of ways and organise sustainable events and projects of all kinds.

Student Representation – AStA Technical University of Munich

The Environmental Department is part of the Student Representation of the TUM (AStA).

As the student representation, the AStA represents the interests of all students at the TU Munich in the areas of university politics, at various events, and even in student services. For more information about the AStA, please click here.

We as part of the student representation

As part of the student representation, we represent the interests of all students at the TU Munich. Our involvement ranges from university politics to various events and services for our fellow students. We from the Environmental Department actively participate in shaping university life – be it through the Environmental Lecture Series or other ecologically motivated projects.

If you would like to find out more about the Student Representation, you can get an overview on the official website of the Student Representation.