Clothes Swap Party

Swap Clothes, Books, and Plants

Next event

14.06.2023, 5:00 – 7:00 PM
TUM, Arcisstraße 21, Immatrikulationshalle

Swap guide for clothes, books, and plants

What to bring

NOGOs: damaged, dirty and worn-out clothes, underwear, jewlery, decorations and accessories

Gos: clean and intact clothes & shoes, bras, functional clothes (swimming and other sports), books, plants – for men, women, diverse, and children!!!


Bring additional bags to carry all your newly-found items.


You don’t have to bring clothes, books, or plants to participate!


Step-by-step guide

  1. Check-In: distribute your clothes, etc. at the designated tables and racks (pay attention to the labelling.)
  2. Swap: help yourself to the items brought by other party guests; if necessary, changing rooms are available for trying on clothes.
  3. Check-Out: take your new items home. Clothes and books that are left will be given to charity or can be taken home by the original owner.
  4. Foodsharing: our foodsavers of the Environmental Student Representation will provide delicious snacks for you to help yourself to for free.