Clothes Swap Party

Swap unworn Clothes for new favorite pieces

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Clothes, Books, and Plants swapping party!
(There will also be food from Foodsharing!)

02.02.2024, 5:00 – 7:00 PM
Audimax Foyer, TUM Main Campus

Swap guide for clothes

What to bring

NOGOs: damaged, dirty and worn-out clothes, underwear, jewlery, decorations and accessories

Gos: clean and intact clothes & shoes, bras, functional clothes (swimming and other sports) – for men, women, diverse, and children!!!


Bring additional bags to carry all your newly-found items.


You don’t have to bring clothes to participate!

Clothes Swap Party poster (A3)

Step-by-step guide

  1. Check-In: distribute your clothes, etc. at the designated tables and racks (pay attention to the labelling.)
  2. Swap: help yourself to the items brought by other party guests; if necessary, changing rooms are available for trying on clothes.
  3. Check-Out: take your new items home. Clothes and books that are left will be given to charity or can be taken home by the original owner.
  4. Stay for two interesting talks on “Sustainability at TUM” and “Feminist Urban Science”