Tree planting campaign

Together with TreePlantingProjects and GoNature, we are planting a fallow area near Gilching in the south of Munich. The aim is not to plant trees similar to those found in the surrounding forest, but tree species that are more resistant to climate change and especially drought. The keyword is climate-resistant mixed forest.

TreePlantingProjects is taking over a large part of the organisational and planning tasks in the implementation of the project. With over 100,000 trees planted in Bavaria, they bring the appropriate expertise and equipment. Together with GoNature, we are responsible for PR, especially within the students, and take care of catering and travel arrangements for students.

Impressions from our first tree planting campaign in December 2022

Photos from Katerina Lepic.

Join us

Would you like to be part of the next tree planting campaign or even help organise it? Then send us an email at . We also inform you about upcoming events on our Instagram page.

TreePlantingProjects also has a platform where you can find out about tree planting events all over Bavaria.

Event on 4.02.2023

Our next tree planting event will take place on 4 February 2023. Details can be found here.

If you need a ride, you can find one in our table. You can also find our shuttle bus there.