Besides our biggest project, the organization of the lecture series, we always have other events. Some of them in cooperation with other organizations such as the Aelius Förderwerk or the environmental department of the LMU. Our current projects are listed and described here. But we don’t lack ideas, so if you feel like implementing a project together with us, get in touch! We’re happy to help!

Environmental Lecture Series

Are you eager to expand your horizon on climate topics and discuss them with lecturers and fellow students? Then we invite you to join the discussion with experienced professionals at the Environmental Lecture Series, organized by the Environmental Department of the Student Representation – informative, critical, and interdisciplinary.

Green Mensa

The Green Cafeteria project aims to make the food and infrastructure of the cafeterias more sustainable. For this purpose, we are in direct exchange with the Studentenwerk. After the Mensaumfrage 2020, among other things, this resulted in a larger vegetarian/vegan offer and the StuBowls. This semester we want to achieve a more diverse vegan offer in the Stucafés. Have ideas about what you’d like to change about the dining hall? Feel free to write us an email to!

Clothes Swap Party

Clean out closet, bring unused clothes to the party and place them on the tables there. Only clean clothes in good condition will be accepted. Trade in for new finds at your convenience!

Clothing not traded will be donated to charity or can be taken home again!

Sustainable Walking Tour

The “Sustainable Walking Tour in Munich” is a project from the Umweltreferat that aims to show TUM students how to live sustainably in Munich.

It uses the Umweltlifeguide, made by TUM and LMU students, as a basis and addresses the topics food, clothing, transportation, correct waste disposal, and free time! For every tour, we develop a new route to show new interesting and sustainable spots to the participants. Our main target group are students who are new in Munich but anyone is more than welcome to join our tours!

Plant a Seed

The idea of Plant a Seed started as a study project about urban gardening in the master of environmental engineering. But while planning a hypothetical concept for a more sustainable and green campus one big question popped up: why shouldn’t we implement those sustainable technologies right on our own campus?

The vision to start a bottom-up change by our young generation was born. We wanted to create a project where students from all fields can apply their theoretical knowledge to contribute to sustainable campus development. Since then the idea and mission have evolved and created a tangible impact in just a few months. Our members‘ enthusiasm for sustainable topics has created a wave of action that is shown by our dynamic and fast-growing team.

Bicycle Repair Shop

Have you ever been to a bicycle self-help workshop at a university? Here, students and employees of the respective university receive support in repairing their bike and, if necessary, also spare parts.

This is exactly the kind of workshop we, a young team of bicycle enthusiasts, would like to see on the TUM campus in Garching. That is why we have been working on the realisation of this project since the summer semester of 2022. Because we have only just been founded, we have plenty of opportunities to get involved and implement our own ideas.

Sustainable Living Lifeguide

Together with the environmental department of the LMU we have created an environmental lifeguide for Munich. With this guide, we want to give students in particular – but of course also everyone else – in Munich a helping hand to make their lives more sustainable! It explains in a short and concise way with pictures and graphics how you can make your everyday life more sustainable and which measures are the most effective in reducing Co2.

TUM on Ecosia

Ecosia on Campus is a global movement of students campaigning to make Ecosia the default search engine at their university. More than 175.000 trees have already been financed by students at universities worldwide, TUM students financed over 700 of them!

Vision 2030

Sustainability, “[…] a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. This initial definition highlights the important role of universities in sustainable development. They educate the future generations, act as a role model for them and, thus, also bear responsibility in their development. As part of the current generation of students at the Technical University of Munich, we would like to bring our own contribution and work together with all other status groups towards the goal of developing a sustainable university.

Sustainability Student Initiatives Forum

You want to get engaged with a student initiative, but don’t know which one suits you best?
You are already an initiative at TUM and are looking for a way to network with other initiatives and present your work to students?

Then the Sustainability Student Initiatives Forum is the right place for you, both students and initiatives. At this networking event we want to give students the opportunity to get to know the different initiatives at TUM better. Initiatives themselves can recruit new members, network with each other, exchange visions, funding opportunities, hurdles, etc. and start joint projects.

Tree planting

We want to reforest a piece of forest in the fall, supported by TreePlantingProjects. Currently, we are especially looking for suitable land – so if you are a forest owner and find the project interesting, get in touch!